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SUNSET: Blogging along. There's nothing very remarkable about this photograph. It's just nice. At the moment I'm finishing a book. It's historical narrative about Vermilion and Vermilionites. How accurate it may be is truly a matter of perspective.

A long, long time ago I decided that there is no such thing as objectivity. All views are, by their very nature, subjective. As Einstein theorized "E=MC2" or "everything is relative - relative to your position in time".

My book is short and sweet. Like this photograph it is unremarkable. Little that appears in it is new. In fact, little that I've ever written has been new. All I've ever done was arrange and/or rearrange words. Like many of the photos I use they aren't new. They've been around for years. It's just that not everyone has seen them before.

The main reason I want to do the book is because I want to do it. I don't need to do it. I don't have to do it. I just want to do it.

When it's finished I'll do something else. Perhaps I'll take up tap dancing.

A FINAL LOOK: Take a good look at this photograph. It may be one of the last you'll see of Exchange/Rubberneck Park as it appears today. Soon there will be some dynamic changes made here. It is my understanding that the cannons (not pictured) that so many people familiar with the park are accustomed to seeing here will be moved. They will not be removed. The objective(s) of all these modifications is to make the park prettier, practical, and more useful. When complete most folks should be pleased.

In the process there was some misinformation about the old cannons set forth to which my brother, Al, and Chris Gillcrist (of the Great Lakes museum) responded with some accuracy. Some thought the cannons were taken from Admiral Perry's ship after the Battle of Lake Erie (1814). Therein was a rather empty notion requiring a great stretch of the imagination. Some then thought that the cannons were remnants of the Civil War. Therein was a practical notion. But it won no cigars. In truth the cannons were imported by train to Vermilion from Boston, Massachesetts in the early 20th century when H.R. Williams was Mayor (1900-1911).

As is evidenced by this make-over of the park history can be distorted and/or lost entirely if some care is not taken to discover the facts surrounding an object. Fortunately there are those about town, such as brother Al, and Chris, who won't let that happen.

SPEAK OF DISTORTIONS: Here's a photograph that some may find mildly amusing. Talk about distortion. Why anyone would find it necessary to use this picture as a promotional device for Vermilion is one of the mysteries of history. There were (most likely) a half million places and things about town that might, and did, make for very nice postcard pictures. So why, on earth, did anyone find it necessary to use something like this. The only thing that comes to mind is some cheesy entrepreneur in a wrinkled suit who bought a truckload of picture postcards with nothing printed on them who then decided to print them up for Vermilion, Huron, Sandusky, etc. Simply amazing. It is amazing that someone might have purchased one of these cards back in the "40's or '50's to send home while on vacation. But far more amazing (an amusing) than that is that someone will undoubtedly purchase the particular card on eBay for five dollars. My, my, my!

A NICE VIEW: This is one of the better views (on a postcard) of the Vermilion watertower that I've ever come across. From the looks of it this particular picture was taken from the southeast corner of the Vermilion River bridge looking toward the tower with the Crow Lumber Company in the background.

What may subtly catch one's eye here is the western abutments of the old river and electric bridges. This particular pic/card most likely dates about the same time as the one in the preceding picture. On the card it remarks that it is the "new 312,000 gallon water sphere". It really is a nice picture.

SOUTH OF THE BRIDGE: There are no specifics with this photograph, but the site is somewhat familiar. Go up the Vermilion River past the to big shale banks on the west side of the stream. Follow the river as it winds to the east, then south. Pass under the Route 2 bridge, stop and look back. This is what you will see. The river runs rather shallow at this point (during the summer) and it's hard to go much further without doing a bit of portaging with a canoe. It is also at this particular spot where trees and sundry other things that been washed toward the lake by spring floods are clogging up the river. Difficulty moving further upstream toward Cooper's Hollow and Mill Hollow beyond (for less hard souls) makes this spot recognizable. Tis easier to go back (after a rest) than to move ahead.

CLASS REUNION UPDATES: Again members of the Vermilion High School Class of 1959; your class reunion will be held between October 8 and 10, 2004 here in town. Those looking for more information on the subject can now visit the Class of '59 website by clicking on the highlighted text. To my knowledge Roger Boughton is responsible for this site. I will mention that a visit to this particular website is worth ones time. Roger informed me that he now uses some Vermilion pix from some of my websites on his electronic newsletter. Maybe you didn't belong to this class, but I'm sure you know someone who does. And I think you'll enjoy reading some of their memories of those days. Note that Roger will not be sending out a newsletter by snail-mail any longer. The webpage will be the reunion notification/information center from now on. He's got new stuff on line as he gets it - and it's interesting. So take time to go there.

Also Buffalo Bill Hlavin has asked me to find a 1958 football program for him. I'll look. But I'll also ask class members tuned into this site to also look and let Bill, Roger, or myself know if you have one.

As news regarding VHS reunion activities comes to my attention it will appear on this web page. So stay tuned.

Also the VHS Classes of 1963, 64, & 65 are still looking for a number of people. Many are around. But it's not real easy to round-up all that information. If you've not yet received a notice re: that reunion count yourself among the missing and report in to either Ruthie Bauman Tanner or me on the net. On Friday evening (August 13) there will be a tour through old Vermilion High School (Decatur Street). Afterward folks will gather for dinner and refreshments. On Saturday afternoon (August 14) there will be a picnic at the VFW on Poorman Road. That evening there will be a buffet dinner at the AMVETS Hall on Route 60. On Sunday afternoon there is a tentative picnic scheduled at Mill Hollow. Ruth's email address is: Ruthbt45@yahoo.com

We're getting close folks, so stay in touch with your friends.

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